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Anderson Creek Townhomes by Wonder Property


Anderson Creek Townhomes is a boutique, master planned community of luxurious townhomes based in Doncaster East developed by Wonder Property.

Kumeu Central


Kumeu Central has a total of 300 residential units, comprising 174 terraced houses, 104 apartments and 22 live/work units.

Kumeu Central presents the ultimate lifestyle for families and empty nesters, as well as an invigorating working environment for professionals.

Ara Hills by av jennings


We help you sell your project faster by supplying you with quality leads and more importantly, quality buyers.

We identify with you who your potential buyers are and where they would be located. We then fine-tune the targeting of our advertisements to improve the quality of the digital leads, and lead to more signed contracts.

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We maximise your return on investment by spending advertising budget on what works.

What may resonate with one audience, may fall flat with another. We ensure no budget is wasted by testing different designs and determining which combination of variables are most effective, and spend the budget on the best-performing advertisements.



Access buyers that are actively searching for your competitor’s projects.

Over 28% of buyers click the first search result that appears on Google, this is why we strategically place your project above your competitor’s projects, when they are searching online for local property developments.



Access buyers that are visiting similar nearby projects.

We deliver digital advertisements to buyers travelling past or visiting nearby identified competing projects and display suites using our Hyper-location targeting™.



We take potential buyers that have visited your website on a digital journey, each time revealing something new and enticing about your development.

Buyers are more likely to purchase your project over another if they encounter more digital advertisements about your project.

We maximise your digital touchpoints by showing your project across websites such as oneroof.co.nz & nzherald.co.nz, as well as on a buyer’s social media feed.

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Spending money on leads that don’t respond is frustrating. We increase the responsiveness of a potential buyer through our SMS automation.

Immediately after a buyer submits their information on our advertisements, we send them an SMS. This reminds the potential buyer that they have submitted their information and in turn increases the responsiveness of the user to future contact by the sales team.

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We make your marketing process seamless so that you can focus on the other critical elements of your project.

Leave your digital advertising in the hands of industry professionals who deeply understand the intricacies in marketing property developments.

To find out how we can create a dynamic
marketing experience for your project,
contact us today on 0800 66 22 01, or
email us at info@wegenerate.io

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We take advantage of Google data to drive high quality traffic to your development website and generate leads.

We accurately deliver tailored advertisements to high intent and in-market individuals based on your development needs.

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Utilising a google search strategy, we can directly target individuals actively searching for property.

We use a variety of keywords that are specifically tailored to your project in order to produce high-quality leads.

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Once initially landing on the website from any marketing channel, we continuously follow up with these users using the Google Display Network.

Your development advertisements will appear on many of the websites the user will access on their day to day browsing of the internet.

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By leveraging the data from our Google & Social campaigns, we can place ads on other alternative digital platforms such as Youtube & Gmail. This further allows us to cement our presence in the buyers mind across multiple digital platforms.

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Kitchen Dark


Show your project to targeted buyers using digital advertising.