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Using social media and google
platforms, Generate can not only
provide mass awareness of your
upcoming project, but also
provide a consistent pipeline
of qualified buyer leads.

Our Projects

Thrive Townhomes

Anderson Creek Townhomes


Anderson Creek Townhomes is a boutique, master planned community of luxurious townhomes based in Doncaster East developed by Wonder Property.

Kumeu Central


Kumeu Central has a total of 300 residential units, comprising 174 terraced houses, 104 apartments and 22 live/work units.

Kumeu Central presents the ultimate lifestyle for families and empty nesters, as well as an invigorating working environment for professionals.

Ara Hills

Slide Anderson creek
Wonder Property used Generate
to advertise their townhomes
development in Doncaster East.
Learn how they utilised digital
effectively with Generate.


The initial primary objective of the social advertisements were to drive and and build awareness for the development. We beautifully presented the development to targeted buyer personas within chosen areas to get as many eyes on the development as possible.

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When the development was viewed and engaged with on Social Media, we would then keep track and follow up with more content without becoming overbearing. This allowed us to take potential buyers on a journey, each time revealing something new and enticing about the same development.


This kind of storytelling, is not possible using traditional methods of advertising

Phones engagement


We identified nearby competing developments and using our Hyper Location Targeting technology we would show social advertisements to any person walking or driving past the identified sites.

This would remind potential buyers of our development that they could potentially be interested in.

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Our ads were made to effectively generate pre-qualified leads for Wonder Property. We collected valuable information and data, such as email addresses and mobile numbers from the people who viewed and engaged with our ads via an attached form.


This feature allowed Wonder Property’s sales agent to talk directly to people who have actively shown high interest in their development – minimising time wasters and tire kickers.

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Immediately after a user had submitted their information via our social lead form, an SMS would be sent directly to the users phone.


This had the function of instantly reminding the potential buyer what they had submitted their information for online, and to begin building the relationship with the sales agent.

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Traditional advertising agencies significantly invest in market research before an ad goes live. An advert is made of many visual elements and it can be structured in many different ways. What may resonate with one audience, may fall flat with another.


We tested different designs, determined which combination of variables were most the effective and spent the budget on the best performing ones to ensure that no budget was wasted.

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We leveraged the data gathered from our Anderson Creek campaigns to cross promote Wonder Property’s additional development to the same pool of potential buyers.

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Show your project to targeted buyers using digital advertising.