Frequently Asked Questions

Need to get in contact?

If you have any questions feel free get in touch! We are happy to assist you in anyway we can.

In our first meeting/call together we will discuss with you what your businesses growth goals are and come up with a digital package to suit that. The cost of our services will then be based upon the scope of the work that needs to be completed.

We specialize in digital advertising via various platforms, these include Facebook, Instagram, Google and Linkedin.

We have two offices, one located in Auckland, New Zealand and our second office based in Melbourne, Australia. Please note we are not restricted to working with local clients only, we offer our services to countries all over the world.

Getting straight to the point, you do require our services. The fact that you are on our website searching for answers to your questions shows your interest and your understanding of its importance. If you are not investing in digital marketing you are losing money, simple as that.

We don’t call ourselves the Digital Wizards for nothing. If you are already running advertisements online and are not getting the results you desire you will significantly benefit from our services.

Email and we will arrange a time for your call.